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How it Works

Event Organizer

List Sponsorship Inventory

List your sponsorship inventory for free (it just takes a few minutes!). Enter event information like date, time, location and expected attendance, along with sponsorship pricing. Recess provides pricing suggestions based on comparable events within the platform to help inform your pricing strategy. Finally, indicate any sponsorship guidelines such as restrictions on food or beverage or data collection.

Once your event listing is in top shape, we’ll share it with advertisers searching for events in your area.


Create Your Campaign

Specify your ideal events based on a variety of parameters including date, event type, reach and more. You determine the creative guidance for the partnership and leverage turn-key inventory to easily scale campaigns across multiple events. Events that match your criteria are notified and prompted to apply to partner on your campaign.


Choose Events to Approve For Partnerships

Choose which events to extend partnership offers to join the campaign. After you’ve made your selections and added your payment information, submit your offers to event organizers to review.

Event Organizer

Review and Accept Sponsorship Offers

When an advertiser submits an offer for your sponsorship inventory, you will be instantly notified. You can confirm by accepting or denying the offer with the click of a button.


Process Payments

After your sponsorship offer has been accepted, payments are automatically processed through Recess’ centralized system. Work with multiple events while only having to onboard one payment system with Recess. Payments are only processed when the offers are accepted.

Event Organizer

Provide Logistics Information

Once a sponsorship offer is confirmed, the Recess advancing system makes it easy to distribute key event details to all your sponsors via one centralized tool.


View Logistics Information

Recess handles all the necessary documentation such as contracts or insurance verification and coordinates pre-event logistics. The Recess platform and customer success team team serves as your single point of contact to streamline communication across multiple events.

Event Organizer & Advertiser

Collaborate on Event Day

Advertisers engage with event audiences and acquire new customers. Point of contact information is provided by Recess to Advertisers and Event Organizers prior to the event. Connect on the day of the event upon arrival to ensure seamless execution of the sponsorship.


Acquire New Customers

Engage with event audiences via the partnership and acquire new customers.

Event Organizer

Get Paid

Payment is distributed within 7 days after your event is completed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Welcome to stress free sponsorship planning. Remove risk and uncertainty by buying through Recess. Our payments tool ensure you will never be at risk having to track down a refund from an event organizer or have events over exaggerate attendance again. If you aren’t satisfied with an event, we’ll refund you.
Recess Targeting Options

Audience targeting enables hyper-local marketing with nationwide scale.


  • City

  • DMA

  • State

  • Campus

Distance to Retailer

  • Kroger

  • Target

  • Walmart

  • Starbucks

  • McDonald's

  • Subway

  • 1000+ Others

Event Type

  • Concert

  • Festival

  • Fundraiser

  • Wellness

  • Lifestyle

  • Gaming

  • Sports

  • Carnival

  • Hackathon

  • Pep Rally

  • Recruitment

  • Film


  • 100-1,000

  • 1,001-5,000

  • 5,001-10,000

  • 10,001-50,000

  • 50,001-100,000


  • Exclusivities (Coca Cola/Pepsi)

  • Product sales

  • Data collection

  • Food service

  • Beverage service


  • Age

  • Gender

  • Race

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